Bethany Virga

Bethany Virga


Back Squat: 290lbs, Front Squat: 215lbs, Bench Press: 175lbs; completed MANY races but the most fun were the Color Run- Twice and the Warrior Dash- Twice


FITOUR Primary Group Exercise, CPR Certified



As a competitive cheerleader and sprinter in high school, I have always been "active". in college, the majority of my working out consumed of intramural sports and at the time earned the Championship Title in Doubles Racquet Ball! As my college career came to a close, i had a friend invite me to a kickboxing class. I went and remember getting in my car after it was over and thought I might pass out. i went back, again and again and I was hooked. I LOVED IT! I started in American Kenpo Karate and never looked back. Through the years I shifted to running, spinning and group classes from time to time. Eventually finding Crossfit, I loved the competition and found that I loved HEAVY lifting too. Once MoveMore added kickboxing, being coached by my old boxing partner, I knew where I would end up. In gloves, in a class, kicking, punching and loving every minute of it!

Turning Point

I have had many coaches in my life. One that stands out above the rest, Danny Antoine. From the first kickboxing class I took with him, I knew I was where I was meant to be. I had always been the middle of the pack athlete. Never good enough to be noticed, but never bad enough to be noticed either. I flew under the radar, so to speak. When I took his class, whether I was good or not, I knew I was coming back time after time because I loved the feeling and the atmosphere. He saw something in me I did not see, nor did I believe. He pushed me to my limits, he gave me pep talk after pep talk, he had me do things I never thought capable. I felt like he poured everything he had in to ONLY me, but this is what he did for EVERY PERSON in his class that showed up. So day after day, I would come in and did what only I could do, it took time and he never stopped believing in me, even when I didn't believe in myself. Then, after months, it clicked..and there I was, getting noticed for being one of the best in the class. My hits were power, my drive was unstoppable and I was in my prime. The point is, WE get in our own way. We need someone to push, correct, believe and praise us. We need to keep showing up, it takes time! It is worth it and YOU are worth it!

Motivation & Passion

I think of working out as "Insurance". It ensures that I live a long healthy life for my family. It ensures that my limitations as I age will be minimal. It ensures that I have a daily stress reliever and am happy. I want others to have that too, I want them to know they are more capable than the realize. There is no better feeling than having a goal and reaching it. What is even to be a coach and help someone get there! A wise man once told me "getting to the gym is half the battle" and "the mind tires before the body" not let your mind stop you from doing everything you want to do and get out of life!

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