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Elise Dailey is a Franklin native who has been a part of the MoveMore family since 2017, and now she coaches weekly Muscle Mix and Circuit Training classes. As a coach, you can count on Elise to meet you where you’re at. She loves to work out with others, making a point to acknowledge hard work, and encourage clients every step of the way. Elise also loves making special music playlists for each class she coaches. Singing while you exercise = burn more calories = have more fun!<br /> <br /> She and her husband Walter were married in 2013, and Elise works in Marketing for Drake Software. In her free time, you can find Elise spending time with her friends and family, teaching voice lessons, taking pictures of her adorable dogs, and playing around with the Overlook Theatre Company.<br /> <br /> If you’re interested in joining MoveMore, she has some advice:<br /> <br /> “Joining a gym can be very intimidating, and it’s easy to talk yourself out of showing up. But our MoveMore coaches, trainers, and members are some of the best and most encouraging folks you could ever meet. Show up, and we will all work together to help you reach your goals."

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